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Where It All Began

It all started when…
Some years ago on one of his numerous trips to Hawaii, George Vashon experienced an epiphany while gazing at the moon and waves at 4:00 a.m. A deep sense of connection came over him with such force and clarity that he knew his dream of moving to Hawaii didn’t need to wait for years down the road. Why not start a business in Hawaii and permanently relocate to the islands immediately? Why not start a business that captures and communicates the beauty, serenity, ambience and passion of the place that has been so personally transformative?

George is a pioneer of “gourmet” jerky—preserved meat that is soft, tender, and moist instead of the traditional dry, tough variety. George has always loved the islands and their amazing ability to renew and refresh the soul. As a connoisseur of gourmet jerky, George felt the onset of a vision for a new gourmet jerky that draws on Hawaii’s distinctive aura, feel and flavors. And so, Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky was born.

Some time later, George met Danny and Kelly – local Hawaiians who emerged as the perfect partners with whom to start the venture. Danny and Kelly played football for University of Hawaii in their younger days. As trained athletes, their passion for health and fitness as well their experience as local businessmen brought the perfect background to create a Hawaiian flavored, high protein gourmet jerky snack. Danny and Kelly’s close friendship has contributed incredibly positive synergy to the endeavor.

Adding more positive energy to the partnership has been the addition of George’s close friend, Lenny. Lenny’s love of people and adventure infuses the operation with vitality only possible with a double set of close friends collaborating to do something new, unique and special. This team of four partners is committed to bringing the first and best Hawaiian gourmet jerky to the islands and the world.

The Tiki Jerky Team

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