Did you know that Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky is one of the highest protein content snacks available? Diets that have at least 20% of the calories from protein are considered high protein diets. If the protein ratio exceeds 30%, the diet is said to be a very high protein diet. As a point of reference, Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet’s Beef Jerky calories are almost 50% from protein. Even our Bacon Jerky passes the 20% protein ratio. The average diet of most Americans contains only 12-16% of calories from protein.


Much has been researched and written about the benefit of high-protein foods and diets. Since the 1970’s, for instance, the Atkins diet has demonstrated and popularized the benefits of high protein, low carb intake on health and sustained weight loss.

Here is a brief summary of some of the benefits a high protein diet can bring:

Digesting food of any kind requires energy. When the body digests proteins, it consumes more energy than when it digests carbohydrates or fats—generating heat known as the “thermic effect”. This helps increase the overall rate at which the body is burning calories during its other processes. Individuals on a high-protein diet burn more calories for the same activity when compared with individuals eating a low-protein diet.

Protein has the same number of calories per gram as carbohydrates but it takes longer for the body to digest protein. This leaves you feeling full longer and pushes recurring hunger feelings further away. Often, people who do nothing but increase the level of protein in their diet find themselves losing weight for the reasons mentioned here.

Recent research has shown a clear link between protein intake and reduced blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Although the mechanisms are not yet fully understood, the connection is clear. Eating more protein can reduce your risk for heart disease. Given that heart disease is one of the biggest killers in America, this is good news indeed!

High protein intake tends to lower insulin levels during and after meals. The presence of sugar and fats in the bloodstream after a meal trigger the release of insulin. Insulin tells the body to remove sugars and fats in the bloodstream by storing them as fat in the body. Higher levels of protein reduce the amount of insulin, leading the body to burn some fats and carbs instead of storing them. This helps explain why high protein diets can lead to tangible fat loss.

Protein plays a formative role in the composition of skin, hair, bone and muscle. Eating a diet rich in protein ensures that your body has sufficient quantities of the building blocks necessary for healthy development and maintenance of these components.

Tiki Jerky Promotes An Athletic Lifestyle

Do you love an active lifestyle? Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky is the perfect snack for any athletic acitivity. Whether biking, hiking, jogging, skiing, surfing, or playing sports—this high protein, lightweight, durable snack is easy to pack, delicious to eat and great on-demand energy.

1. Light Weight

Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky is one of the lightest snacks you can carry. This makes it ideal for activities where weight plays a crucial role in speed, performance, or longevity.

2. Durable

Being uncrushable, unbreakable, unspillable, resilient and having a long shelf life, Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky is a great choice when your storage container may be subject to forces that might break a beverage container, rupture the packaging of a spillable treat or ruin a nutritious tidbit that is sensitive to physical deformity.

3. Nutritious

Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky is a high protein treat that packs all the advantages of a high-protein food. It staves off hunger and it increases metabolism, which helps burn more calories for the same amount of effort. Because it doesn’t use any nitrates, nitrites, MSG, artificial ingredients or synthetic sweeteners, you can enjoy it knowing its great flavor is all natural.

4. Delicious

Being a truly gourmet product, Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky is not only convenient and good for you, but also great tasting! Combine that with all its other qualities and you have a winning energy choice for all your athletic endeavors.